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Welcome, and thank you for visiting Crime Scene Interactive. It is an open source project that uses a variety of FREE software to prepare demonstrative 3D exhibits for court presentations.

To Educate the Law Enforcement Community in the use of powerful software alternatives available and how to combine them into accurate immersive environments to use in Crime Scene and Crash Reconstruction.

The Mission

The Engine

The ability to walk through the 3D crime scene in real time with the jury

is POWERFUL.  With all of the information we collect and relate to the courts in a short period of time, we want to make sure they are understanding all of  it. Visual Exhibits always enhance testimony and an interactive environment is the next step.


Community support keeps open source projects alive and promotes growth and efficiency.

Step by step tutorials are currently being created to help you get started.

Training is also being provided by the Berks County District Attorney's Office.


New to 3D modeling?

Check out an article by Elissa St. Clair, Andy Maloney, and Albert Schade III at the Association for Crime Scene Reconstruction Site.

An Introduction to Building 3D Crime Scene Models Using SketchUp

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